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Q&A with Kru Jeab

Inspiration story


When I was young, that time I liked to play all of the sports. However, my favorite sport is basketball. Therefore, I decided to be a sport teacher after graduated. As everyone knows basketball is a powerful sport. Some of the player always got an injury. I was the one who got serious injured from this sport; for examples, my arm had an operation, tear of tendon, fractured of finger and shoulder. Nevertheless, the most dangerous problem in my life was happened with my knees. I could not bend my knees and the doctor told me that perhaps they could not completely recover. But who know thanks gods Yoga changed my life, since i started doing yoga until now I have been learning about yoga in many schools to increase knowledge management process and how to teach and understand the heart of yoga. The most important things, I always tell to my students are the advantages of yoga from my real experience my health becomes better gradually after practicing yoga. My injured symptom was cured without taking any medicine. I can recover to be a healthy guy again. Now, I think it is a proper time to share my knowledge and experience in yoga to everyone who love yoga like me. From the deepest of my heart, I would like to share my yoga skill and hope my yoga can help everyone.

“โยคะ กายานุสติ”

รายการ แสงธรรมแห่งศรัทธา - โยคะ กายานุสติ - YouTube 013

“โยคะ กายานุสติ” ปรัชญาสุขภาพสู่ความตระหนักรู้ การผนวกกายและจิตวิญญาณ รวมกันเป็นศาสตร์แห่งการบำบัดสุขภาพกายและใจ หาคำตอบพลังภายในตนเองได้ที่นี่
สถานีวัฒนธรรม สุขภาพและธรรมะ รายการแสงธรรมแห่งศรัทธา
หรือทางสถานีโทรทัศน์ดาวเทียม IPM ช่อง 95 ทุกเช้า 8 โมง